Wall Display Case Fitting Instructions

Floating Shelf Display Cases

The brackets supplied with our shelves are designed to hold upto 35kg, But this will be dependent on how well they are fitted to your wall, and also the quality of the wall. Another factor will be depth of the shelf and the weight distribution of your displayed article. For this reason we make no recommendations as to how they are fitted, and highly recommend not going above 10kg of weight on them.

Brick Wall – The most secure fitting will be to a masonry wall, you will need to buy some wall plugs and some screws, be aware of electrical wires and plumbing pipes.

Plasterboard Partition Wall – If possible screw into the timber studs or noggins, this is most likely going to be impractical, so most likely you will need to buy some specially designed plasterboard wall plugs. Plugs like these, are rated to hold upto 72kg’s, they require an 18mm hole, which will be hidden by our shelf.(an 18mm drill bit can be purchased here) Be aware of electrical wires and plumbing pipes.

  1. Supplied with your shelf will be the drilling jig, this will be a piece of mdf or acrylic, with 4 small holes in it. Hold this upto the wall in the position you would like to fit your shelf, using a spirit level make sure it is level and mark the four holes using a pen/pencil.
  2. After drilling the holes and fitting the wall plugs, screw the shelf support brackets into place.
  3. Once they have been fitted you should be able to slide the shelf onto them, (if you ordered the shelf with a display cover, make sure the locating pins for the display cover are facing up), the back of the shelf has holes for the posts to go through, it may take a little bit of jiggling to get them on, but once you have the posts in the shelf it should slide easily into place.

Other Wall Display Cases

The rest of our range of wall display cases come with stainless steel sign fixings, we have made a video to show how these are fitted, you can view it here.