Display Case for a Basketball with a Modern Base

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This basketball display case has a hole in the middle of the top layer that will hold your basketball in place. This display case is also available without the hole in the base for the basketball, just select 'no central hole' from the menu.

The bottom section of acrylic is slightly larger than the outside size of the display case cover so the display cover sits on top of it, whereas the top part of the base is slightly smaller than the inside size of the display case, so it sits inside the display cover and stops the display cover from being knocked off.
The two pieces of the base are held together (and apart by about 13mm) by machined stainless steel supports in each corner.

  • Choice of base colours
  • Stainless Steel Corner Posts for a modern look
  • Blocks over 90% UV Light, which helps prevent the signatures from fading
  • Keeps your basketball free from dust, which also protects it from cleaning products
  • Deters people from touching your basketball and damaging the signatures
  • Easily removable display cover

The internal sizes of this basketball display case are 300mm wide x 300mm deep x 280mm high, and the external sizes are 307mm wide x 307mm deep x 310mm high.

Additional information

Weight 7.184 kg
Internal Sizes

Approximately 325mm wide x 150mm deep x 110mm high

External Sizes

Approximately 332mm wide x 157mm deep x 140mm high

Cover Material

3mm clear acrylic- blocks over 90% UV light

Base Material

5mm Thick Acrylic (Choice of Colours) with Stainless Steel Corner Supports

Base Colour

Black, Clear, White


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