Model Ship Acrylic Display Case, Made to your Sizes- Choice of Base Colours

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This acrylic display case is made to order to your sizes, standard manufacturing time is approx 7 – 14 business days, or you can select a faster manufacturing time from below.

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There is nothing that cries out for an acrylic display case more than a model ship, they are absolutely beautiful to look at, but the temptation to touch is overwhelming. If you have spent the last few years of your life scratch building a model ship, or assembling from a model kit, or even bought a model ship fully assembled (they are not cheap), you will not want every visitor ‘wiggling’ or pulling, or prodding at it. You need to keep it safe behind one of our custom made display cases. That way you can have it in a premium spot in your house for all to admire, instead of ‘safely’ stored in your spare room.

But even if you could keep your visitors out of arms reach of your ship, you wont keep the dust off of it, you wont keep the furniture polish and air freshener spray away from it, and unless it’s in a dark cupboard you wont stop the UV light from fading and destroying it. The added bonus of one of our display cases is it will be protected from all of those things (over 90% of UV light is blocked by our acrylic display covers), and it will also make your model ship look even more beautiful.

The wooden base is made in the colours of your choice and has a raised profile around the outside which locates the cover onto the base. The centre of the display base has a soft baize covering which is supplied in the colour of your choice. The bottom also has a baize covering.

  • Acrylic used in the display cover will block over 90% UV light
  • Custom made to your exact sizes (Internally)
  • Helps protect your model ship from breakages
  • Protects your model ship from dust & moisture
  • Twelve different base colour combinations
  • Guaranteed to arrive unbroken

PLEASE NOTE: The sizes you have entered are the sizes for the inside display area of the display case, the external width and depth of the wooden base will be approximately 34mm bigger if you choose 3mm thick acrylic and approximately 38mm bigger if you select 5mm thick acrylic.  The external height of the display case will be approximately 10mm higher if it is made from 3mm thick acrylic, and approximately 12mm higher if made from 5mm thick acrylic.

Additional information

Internal Sizes

Made to your sizes for a perfect fit

Display Cover Material

Cover made from your choice of 3mm or 5mm thick acrylic

Base Material

Wooden outside trim, MDF core, covered in a quality soft baize.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Prestwich (Alnwick, GB)
Delighted with the case, and the service

The ordering process was simple, and the case arrived amazingly promptly. I am delighted with it. So cleverly designed, and so accurately made. It's perfect: exactly what I wanted, and the price was very reasonable.

Gordon Wake (Rudford, GB)
Displaying Old Chinese Junk Ivory Model

The case arrived on time as promised and is of superb quality. The case fits the base beautifully and looks perfect. In my case I added a sheet of black card inside the case so as to show the model as against my very pale walls the model almost disappeared.
Extremely happy with the case and should I ever need another I now know exactly where to come.

Geoffrey Wareing (Wigan, GB)
HMS Endeavor

I wanted a display case for a ship I made in 1987. The old case was made of class and was far too heavy. I'm delighted with the quality of the acrylic case you have built and impressed with quality of this service. Many thanks for a great job done.


Arrived on time, nicely made and displays my model ship beautifully.

Arthur from Germany

I found the display case to be of high quality. The longitudinal top edges of the case are bevelled thus avoiding an ugly "box" form.
The acryl case is well made and at first glance totally clear of blemish.
It was only when holding the case very close to my eyes and then angling it almost 90°, I could see in a very few places minuscule traces of what appeared to me as mini burst bubbles. This is why I rate 4.5 instead of 5.

The mahogany base with moss green inlay is also very well made - the under-surface of the base has also a moss green covering which prevents possible scratching of furniture.

The acryl case fits snugly into the base with just a little room left.

As explained in your website, the cover is lowered over the model placed on the base but is not fixed in place. In my situation a ship model is the subject. Model viewers seem to have an innate desire to get as close as possible to the subject . i.e. pick it up to get a closer look - they are not prepared for only the cover lifting up and
get in a panic usually ending at least in breaking the masts if it is a ship model.

I read that you have an aluminium case with a rear lockable "door" which avoids such mishaps but do not have a similar function for the mahogany or oak display cases. Would it be possible to insert a metal clip at each side of the base inlay to "grab" the cover?. I ask this because of the following:

As my ship model is fragile I had to first glue the ship's stand to the base and then once the glue was dry, glue the acrylic cover to the base. I had to use CA glue for this (wood to acrylic) and dropped glue at the inside corners of the base and then placed down the acrylic cover. Once the cover was in place the inside of it became airtight and a day or so later traces of the "gas" from the glue's chemical reaction appeared at the corners of the case as a white mist.

Resume: I am very satisfied with the display case and will definitely buy one again for my next ship model. The cover is crystal clear and in one piece, unlike the acrylic sheets held together with screws and nuts that I have purchased previously from other manufacturers.


I've been meaning to order a display case for a long time. I was always concerned about the quality of the finished product. I needn't have worried. The case is very well made and shows of (and protects) my model brilliantly. Ordering was easy and the case was delivered well within stated timescales. I have a few more models on the go and intend to be a regular customer.