Acrylic Vertical Rugby Ball Display Case including a Wooden Base (Choice of Base Colours)

£47.66(excluding VAT)

This rugby ball display case is kept in stock and is normally shipped in 1-2 business days. This style of display case can also be made to your own sizes, click here to get an instant quote and buy online.

IMPORTANT – Please note that the Jet Black baize has been replaced with a Black that has the crushed effect, the same as our other colours, this was due to quality problems with the Jet Black Baize.

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This display case has been designed to display a standard size 5 rugby ball vertically, it includes an acrylic stand that will hold your rugby ball vertically. The stand is not connected to the base so can easily be removed if needed.

We also have a display case designed to display your rugby ball horizontally here.

The plinth of this display case has a wooden trim around the outside and is made in the colour of your choosing. The outer trim on this display plinth is 5mm higher than the inside display surface, which will stop the removable clear cover from sliding off the plinth. The top of the display base is covered in a quality baize in the colour of your choice, and the bottom of the plinth is also covered in a soft baize, which will stop the display case from damaging your furniture.

The display cover is made from 3mm thick UV blocking acrylic, which will not only protect from over 90% of UV light, it will also protect from dust and inquisitive fingers. The display cover is easily removable and can be lifted from the base to gain access to your rugby ball.

  • Choice of wooden trim and centre colours
  • Blocks over 90% UV Light, so protecting the signatures on it from fading
  • Keeps your rugby ball free from dust, but more importantly will stop cleaning products being used on it
  • Deters people from touching your rugby ball and damaging the signatures
  • Easily removable display cover

The external dimensions of this display case are 284mm wide x 284mm x deep 360mm high, and the internal measurements are 250mm x 250mm x 350mm high.

Additional information

Internal Sizes

Approximately 250mm wide x 250mm deep x 350mm high

External Sizes

Approximately 284mm wide x 284mm x deep 360mm high

Cover Material

3mm clear acrylic- blocks over 90% UV light

Base Material

Wooden frame, 6mm thick MDF central core material, Soft baize covering top and bottom


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Customer Reviews

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Diane H (London, GB)
A great display case, really well made

We are so pleased with the rugby ball display case, it’s really well made and sets off our signed ball beautifully! The price is totally fair and it was made quickly!

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