Acrylic Display Case for the EFX Millennium Falcon- 1:100 Scale

£106.98(excluding VAT)

This EFX Millennium Falcon display case is kept in stock and is normally shipped in 1-2 business days.


This display case has been designed specifically to fit the 1:100 scale model Millennium Falcon from EFX. It cannot be used for anything else.

The bottom section of acrylic is slightly larger than the outside size of the display case cover so the display cover sits on top of it, whereas the top part of the base is slightly smaller than the inside size of the display case, so it sits inside the display cover and stops the display cover from being knocked off.
The two pieces of the base are held together (and apart by about 13mm) by machined stainless steel supports in each corner.
The top part of the base has a hole cut in the middle which your EFX Millennium Falcon base will sit inside.

There is also a small hole in the back of the cover that allows you to access the switch for the lights without having to remove the cover. This cannot be seen from the front.

  • Choice of base colours
  • Stainless Steel Corner Posts for a modern look
  • Blocks over 90% UV Light
  • Keeps your model Millenium Falcon free from dust, which means protected from damage from cleaning products
  • Deters people from touching your model, less chance of it being dropped
  • Easily removable display cover
  • EFX Millennium Falcon model shown is NOT included

The external sizes of this display case are approximately 457mm wide x 392mm deep x 280mm high.

Additional information

Weight 11.416 kg
Display Cover Material

3mm clear acrylic- blocks over 90% UV light

Display Base Material

Double 5mm thick acrylic base, choice of base colours, with 4 stainless steel corner supports

Internal Sizes

Inside size of showcase is approximately 450mm wide x 385mm deep x 255mm high

External Sizes

Outside size of showcase is approximately 457mm wide x 392mm deep x 280mm high


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Just received my Millennium Falcon display cover and it is 5 out of 5 for quality. It fits perfectly, looks excellent and I now have peace of mind that the valuable model will be protected from dust, cats, little fiddling fingers and anything else that might damage it.


perfect product , great boxing .

Ian Davies

Perfect fit, case really adds something to the Tie Fighter display. Very impressed!


Fantastisches Case für den eFx Tie Fighter. Passt perfekt und die Verarbeitung ist erste Klasse. Oben sehr sauber abgerundet. Keinerlei scharfen Kanten. Bin froh, dass ich mich für diese Haube entschieden habe.
Versand war auch problemlos und schnell. Sehr sichere Verpackung, so dass ein Transportschaden so gut wie ausgeschlossen ist.

Sick Rick

Absolutely fantastic experience. Not only is it a TIE specific case, but it's brilliantly made and fits perfectly to the base for an EFX TIE SS. I highly recommend it all the way around, completely. I may also say as an extra side note, that it shipped and arrived within ONE DAY which if you've ever bought overseas is quite rare!
I will without a doubt be utilising this company again for future projects...highest recommendation. Even over closer businesses. You get what you pay for yes, but sometimes you get MORE than what you paid for.
A true rarity!
Perfection, and a trouble free experience EVERY STEP of the way.
Excellent packing, workmanship, the price is beyond reasonable, and the communication is some of the best I've ever seen. The whole experience from purchase to doorstep took 2 days!
Unreal man. Still in shock at the bargain i recieved. ..


Acrylic case fits 100% .Very,very good work. Good packed and ready for shipment faster.

I am most satisfied !

Vincent Abbott

Perfect display case as usual, will use again, highly recommended vendor.

Stéphane Flamme

The display case is perfect and matches the EFX Falcon base accurately. It is packaged very securely in a sturdy box, making it most unlikely to be broken or scratched during shipping. Thumbs up to the Acrylic Display Cases team for a great contact and top-notch service!