Sports Display Cases

Our second biggest selection of display cases is for sports memorabilia such as autographed rugby balls, footballs and boxing gloves. Whereas the priority when displaying models is to stop them getting physically damaged, the biggest threat to autographed memorabilia is the signature being destroyed. this can be destroyed with cleaning products used to clean and remove the dust from them, or can be faded by UV light. Our display cases are all made with acrylic/plexiglas, which blocks over 90% UV light. They also protect from dust, so there is no need for your displayed memorabilia to be cleaned. A third way our display cases protect your sports memorabilia is by deterring your visitors from touching.

We have a wide range of display cases for your sporting memorabilia, but if you need a different size then we can easily make a display case to your sizes. Just enter the sizes on our custom display cases pages and get an instant online quote, then purchase it online, the same as our standard products.