Model Display Cases

By far the most popular use of our display cases is for protecting models, whether they are models hand built by collectors or models bought from a large manufacturer. We have display cases for a large range of scale models from stock, but if you can’t find the perfect size display case for your model, remember we can make one to your exact size, just visit our custom display case section to get an instant quote, and to buy online.

All of our display cases will protect your model from dust, as well as block over 90% of harmful UV light. You will also be surprised by the amount of contaminants that will collect on an unprotected model, these include tobacco smoke, hairspray, air freshener, deodorant, dust and moisture.
Another hazard is visitors, although you want your guests to see the model, the last thing you need is for them to pick it up and accidentally damage it, a display case will help prevent that from happening.