Movie Memorabilia Display

Movie memorabilia, whether it is props or replica props or characters, are always going to look their best in one of our display cases, the display cases in this section are the ones requested the most from us. Due to the scarcity, low production runs and large range of sizes, most movie memorabilia items are displayed in custom sized displays or the nearest size stock display from the rest of our site, but rest assured your movie memorabilia is going maintain its value and condition displayed in a display case from us.
If we don't have a display case or cover to suit your item then please visit our custom display case section, we can make an acrylic display case to your exact sizes, you can get an instant online quote and buy online.

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EFX-4 Acrylic Display Case for the EFX Millennium Falcon- 1:100 Scale
  • £128.38
  • including VAT
SWD04 Acrylic Wall Display Case for a 1:6 Scale Action Figure
  • £70.12
  • including VAT
EFX-1 Acrylic Display Cover for the EFX Darth Vader Helmet
  • £87.60
  • including VAT
EFX-2 Acrylic Display Cover for the EFX Tie Fighter Model
  • £162.00
  • including VAT
FALCON Acrylic Display Cover for the Master Replicas Studio Scale Millennium Falcon
  • £444.95
  • including VAT
EFX-3 Display Cover for the EFX 'Reveal' Light Saber
  • £45.00
  • including VAT