Model Ship Display Cases

Our acrylic model ship display cases are ideal for displaying model ships, large or small. As nice as model ships look they are dust magnets, and also interesting enough to attract prying fingers, which can damage the delicate parts of your model. As well as the dust and the physical damage that can affect your model ship, there is also the possibility of the light damaging it.
We have the perfect solution, we can make an acrylic display case to your exact sizes, for a lot less than you think.
This will make dusting a lot easier and less stressful, the acrylic will need only a light dust, and Mr. Sheen furniture polish adding once a month. The acrylic will block over 90% of harmful UV light while still being easily visible, acrylic is actually clearer than glass. Also the protection form prying fingers goes without saying, the worst you will have to face is polishing a fingermark off the outside of the display case, not having to re-attach parts of the ship model. Please read through the below information first, and then visit the custom display cases section to choose your new display case.
To get the shipping cost you just add one to your cart and then once in the cart screen you can change the dropdown box to your area/country to see the shipping costs and options. It normally takes about 7 – 10 days to make your ship display case.

Model Ship Display Case

Potential Model Ship Display Problems

We have various types and styles of display cases available to choose from, but the most popular for wooden ship models is the traditional looking display case with a choice of different colour wooden base combinations, but you need to watch out for one problem with these if you have a high ship model, because the display case must go over the top of the model you need either to have as much clearance between the top of your model and the ceiling as the height of the display case you are buying, or you would need to put the display case base on a lower table and then add the model and the display case cover, and very very carefully lift them all onto the surface you are displaying it on. Luckily it shouldn’t need moving again as it will be safely protected. Obviously this will make access to your ship quite difficult, so if you need regular access to your model ship then this can make things quite difficult.

What Size Ship Display Case

This is entirely down to your personal choice, but here are a few considerations.

  • If the display case is displayed at a height where you have to look up at it then you won’t need much clearance above it.
  • If the display case is displayed low, where the top of the mast is below eye level then it will be better to have extra clearance above it.
  • The distance between the model ship and front and back of the display case (the port and starboard) isn’t too important, but again we recommend at least 25mm. If you allow more, it will give you the possibility of moving the model ship backwards or forwards to allow for a plaque, or something similar to be added at a later date.
  • If you are adding anything else to the display then place it on a desk with your model before measuring up for the display case, and remember to allow some clearance.
  • Our sizes listed on the website are always the inside sizes of the display case, so you do not need add clearance for the thickness of the acrylic and base, but if you have a limited amount of space around where you are placing your model then use the display case calculator to calculate the price of the display case you think you need and see which styles are available in that size, but then contact us to find out how much to allow so that the outside size will fit in your display area.

Where can my Ship Display Case be Delivered to?

We deliver worldwide generally, but there are countries that we don’t ship to at all due to high risk of fraud, and also the larger the display case then the more limited places our couriers can reliably deliver to. Please contact us for more information.

When should I buy the display case?

Our customers have very mixed views on this, some customers buy the display case before they start building the model, this has the advantage that your model is protected from the moment you start work on it, but the disadvantages are that you have to be 100% confident of the finished size, a mistake will be costly, also if it is going to be a very large model you will need help to remove the display cover every time you do some work on your model.
Other customers wait until their model is finished before buying a display case for it, this has the advantage of the fact that you know absolutely the finished size of your model, but the disadvantages are that you will have to find some other method of protecting the model from dust and damage while it is being built.

Customer Testimonial

In 1925, my grandfather made a diorama of a sailing ship. Over the years it has been passed down to me and I wanted to ensure that it was displayed in a protective case. I found your company on the internet and provided all the required dimensions and details. When the custom made case arrived, I was greatly reassured when I saw the care that had gone into the packing to ensure that it arrived undamaged. The case and base were superb and made me feel very happy that I placed my order with you. If I should need a display case in the future I know exactly where to go.
Very many thanks, Jacqueline – Surrey.