Model Display Cases

Model display cases make up the largest portion of our stock sized display cases and are available across all of the ranges, we have display cases for;

1:43 Scale Model Cars, including the Corgi Vanguards range of diecast cars. We have several different sized wall display cases available which will hold multiple models, but also they could be displayed in tabletop display case from our stock sized display cases section, though they may look a little too high, if so then why not get an instant quote on a display case made to your sizes.

1:18 Scale Model Cars, these cars are often supplied on a plastic base/plinth. We have designed our standard range of 1:18 display cases to fit just the car, if you would like to include the plinth as well then please check the sizes of the display box carefully, some plastic bases will fit in and some wont. If yours is too large to fit into our standard  size display cases then just use the custom display case calculator on the home page, it costs nothing to get an instant free quote. All tabletop displays for these models are available in two heights to get the best fit for your model. Due to the collectibility of these size cars we also have some wall display cases available, in two shelf heights,one for low cars and one for higher cars, please check carefully before ordering that none of your models are too high or long to fit.

1:24 Scale Model Cars, we have a few tabletop display cases for this model, but as above, please check the plastic base will fit, if you want to display it with the base.

1:12 Scale Model Cars, these are available in multiple tabletop styles, and are getting increasingly popular.

1:76 Scale Model Buses, most customers displaying these models have a fairly large amount of them to display, so we have several wall display cases available that are ideal for the job, but if you would rather have a tabletop display case then depending on how many you have to display the Formula One 1:18 car showcases are also suitable, they do look very nice in the 1:18 tabletop display cases with shelves.

Diecast Model Airplanes, we do have  a couple of display cases designed for model planes, one for a 1:144 scale passenger jet and one for a 1:72 scale fighter jet. But due to the large range of planes and scales, you may find a better fit with one of our other stock sizes, the 200mm cube is a good fit for a 1:48 scale bi-plane. Of course a made to measure display case is an option as well. It will be best to measure the model to find the size of display case needed and then enter the sizes in the custom display case calculator, then select your style, the website will then show you some similar sized stock display cases that could be suitable. Due to their shape, model planes can look good in a wide variety of different sized display boxes.

1:12 Scale Model Motorbikes, we have a couple of wall display cases available for these if you have a collection of them, but also we have some tabletop versions that are ideal if you only have a few models and don\’t intend to expand your collection. The table top acrylic displays are available to hold just the model bike, or a higher version will hold the model bike and the rider.

1:6 Scale Model Motorcycle, we don\’t have any stock sizes for this scale but using the custom display case designer we can make one for you.

1:50 Scale Model Trucks, for these models we have a wide range of display options, we have wall display cases for multiple trucks, or single truck desktop display cases, in all styles. These are ideal for Corgi Modern Trucks (Hauliers of Renown) and Tekno diecast model trucks.

Model Diorama Displays, for diorama displays we recommend making your own base from MDF, so that it can be fully styled to include the model, then you just need a cover for it, you can build the base and model first and then buy a custom sized display cover to fit over it, or you can buy a display case with a base and put your base on top of our base in the display case. A cheaper option is to buy the clear display cover as a stock size and then build your base and model to suit, the only drawback to this is that if you change your design to much it may not fit, but the upside is that you can use it to protect your diorama while you are building it.

Model Ship Display Cases, please see our dedicated model ship display case information.

We hope we are able to help with your model display requirements.

If the model you want to protect is not listed then contact us, or use the custom display case builder to get a price on a custom size display.

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