How to Remove Scratches From your Acrylic Display Case

5 – 15 mins, depending on severity of scratch 15 minutes.

How to Remove Scratches From your Acrylic Display Case

  1. Open your scratch removal kit.

    It should contain the following
    2 x small packets of polishing wadding, marked rough/smooth
    1 x Can of Spray Polish
    1 x Microfibre Cloth in a clear plastic bag.

  2. Using the Rough Wadding

    Start by Gently rubbing the wadding across the scratch at different angles.
    Keep rubbing at different angles until the scratch has disappeared.

  3. Using the Smooth Wadding

    Now rub along the length of the original position of the scratch, this means you are rubbing across the path of the rough Wadding. Do this until any marks left by the Rough Wadding have disappeared.

  4. Finally spray a small amount of polish onto the acrylic.

    Hold the can at least 15″/35cm away and spray lightly.
    Then gently rub with the microfibre cloth until all traces of the polish have been removed.
    This should leave a much improved finish, and the polish will make the acrylic less likely to get scratched in future.

  5. Continuing the Care of your Acrylic Display Case.

    We recommend keeping your microfibre cloth in the bag it came in to avoid any chance of contamination with other cleaning products/chemicals.
    Every 3-4 weeks spray your display case lightly with the spray polish and dust. This leaves a dust repellent coating that also gives some protection from scratches.