Choosing a Base for Custom Sized Display Case

The first thing we need to know to calculate a price for your showcase is if you need a base. If so which base you would like. We have three styles of base, all of which are available in various colours, alternatively we can supply a cover only, without a base.
Please select one from the options below. (Make sure you scroll down through all options if using a phone)

Traditional Wooden Base Icon
Traditional Wooden Base

Our display cases with a wooden base have a wooden trim around the outside of the base. This is available in a choice of three colours, Light Oak, Mahogany and Black Ash. This wooden trim provides a 5mm high lip around the outside which is what stops the display cover from being pushed, or sliding off. The flat display area is covered in a soft baize, which is supplied in either black, green, moss green or blue. This gives a choice of twelve different colour combinations, which should be enough to suit your displayed item and the room surroundings. These covers can be made in 3mm or 5mm thick acrylic, depending on the size of cover you are ordering.  This allows them to be made larger than the other base styles which have covers made of 3mm only. 

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Modern Base Icon
Modern Acrylic Base

These bases have two pieces of 5mm thick perspex, held together by machined stainless steel posts. The lower base has plastic feet on the bottom to raise it slightly off your surface to prevent damage to your surface or the bottom of the display base. This is larger than the size of the display cover, so the cover will sit on top of this piece. The upper part of the base is slightly smaller, so it fit inside the display cover, thereby stopping the cover from sliding off the base. This makes the base about 20mm thick, but all sizes on this website allow for that, so if you order a display case 200mm high, you will receive a display case with a inside display height of 200mm, the external height will be nearer 230mm. This type of base is available in black, white or clear acrylic.

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Flat Display Base Icon
Flat Acrylic Base

This style has a simple flat base made from 5mm thick acrylic, which has a rebate machined all around, this provides a lip to stop the cover from sliding off. These display boxes are less aesthetically pleasing than the wooden base or the modern design but can be used upside down with the base used as a lid. This is why the four rubber feet are supplied loose, so you can decide which way to use it, then put the feet on the bottom yourself.

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Cover Only Icon
Display Cover Only- No Base

Ideal if you have already got a base, or you just don’t need a base, this will be the acrylic cover only, and can be made in 3mm or 5mm thick acrylic. If buying for an existing base please be aware the sizes you enter for a quote are the inside sizes of the display cover, and allow for manufacturing tolerance and expansion/contraction of the acrylic with temperature changes

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Instant Quotes

You can get an instant quote on one of our display cases, custom made for you by selecting one of the above display base styles. Then your enter your sizes into the fields on the product information page.
You will see then see the price instantly, no waiting for somebody to get back to you by email. If the price is ok then just add it to your cart.

Why not watch our short video, it will show you all of the designs we do, without you having to click on each product. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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